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"I have worked in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years and when Jodi Rubin approached me about her project called Destructively Fit®, I realized that there was a void within our professional fitness community regarding the topic of eating disorders. We have all suspected at some point or other, that individuals who participate in our training programs or attend our classes or are members of the clubs that we work in may be suffering from an eating disorder. 
With all the education I have received, there has been some mention of these conditions, but never has there been ANY detailed training on how to recognize and then cope with individuals who may be suffering from this potentially devastating disorder. Jodi has created a presentation that fills the educational void for our industry and provides concise information to help the fitness professional recognize potential issues with individuals that may suffer from eating disorders and practical strategies that help both the professional and the fitness enthusiast.
Destructively Fit®: demystifying eating disorders for fitness professionals® opens the door to this historically taboo subject and empowers the fitness professional to take the appropriate steps in helping those who may suffer in getting the help they need. It also impacts a fitness professional’s programming for those afflicted to minimize the damage they may already be creating in their bodies.  If you haven’t taken Jodi’s workshop, it is certainly a must and is definitely a requirement for my fitness staff.
Terrence Fister, Fitness Director for CLAY Health Club and Spa. He holds a degree in Physical Education and Dance and is professionally certified by Marymount Manhattan College, ACE and NASM. He is a Master Trainer and has taught group exercise for some of the most prestigious fitness centers in the country.

“Jodi Rubin and Destructively Fit® are amazing resources on the topic of eating disorders. As fitness professionals it is extremely important that we understand the many "faces" of eating disorders. Moreover, we need to be empowered to deal with them within our scope of practice. Jodi's work provides a comprehensive and holistic vision of how we can support clients and members on their road to recovery."

Geralyn Coopersmith, MA, CSCS. National Training Director, EFTI, Equinox Fitness Training Institute

“Destructively Fit® covers a topic that no other personal training course would touch: eating disorders. While eating disorders and body dysmorphia are ever-present in the dance and fitness world, few people dare address them. Jodi not only addresses the subject, she educates her students with courage and grace. Her knowledge is extensive. Her course, Destructively Fit®, can provide even the most seasoned professional with useful tools for identifying, addressing and even training someone with an eating disorder. I was one of the first people to take her class and I look forward to a part two."

Kym Perfetto, SoulCycle Master Instructor, Fitness Trainer + Blogger www.kymperfetto.com

As a dancer, I was surrounded by friends with eating disorders. As a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, I had to interact directly with clients whom I suspected had an eating disorder, or who told me they had an eating disorder. In either case I was never sure how I should act, or what I could do or say to help. And then I took Jodi Rubin's workshop, "Destructively Fit®: demystifying eating disorders for fitness professionals®." Jodi has a unique perspective as a fitness enthusiast and social worker with extensive experience in the field of eating disorders. It is this perspective that helps Jodi bridge the gap between the fitness professional and the client struggling with an eating disorder. Destructively Fit® helped me to recognize potential signs of an eating disorder, understand some of the basic root causes of eating disorders, and understand the role that exercise can play in a clients struggle with, or recovery from, an eating disorder. The workshop also gave me the tools I needed to feel comfortable addressing the issue with my clients in a respectful and supportive way. Jodi helped to translate the needs of clients with eating disorders into fitness terms, and helped teach me how to translate fitness into terms that support a client with an eating disorder. All of us want our clients to be happy, healthy, and to see results. Now, with Jodi's exceptional work, we can begin to tackle one of the most difficult situations we face as fitness professionals: identifying and supporting clients with eating disorders."

Seth Miner, Certified Pilates Instructor, NASM - CPT www.SethMinerDances.com

"Jodi's course fills a huge void on a very important and often times avoided subject in the fitness community. As a nutritionist, I believe the eating disorder questions must be asked. As a trainer, I find it is even more important that questions are asked but, often aren't. Jodi teaches you why it's important to have this conversation with clients and how to approach these situations given your scope of practice. A course like this is long over-due and it couldn't be done by a more qualified and passionate individual. Destructively Fit® is a must take!"

Christy Maskeroni, MS RD is a Nutritionist, Master Trainer, Yoga & SUP Instructor in the Miami Beach area

NASM - Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist,  ACSM - Health Fitness Instructor, CHEK - Health Practioner Level 1, WKA - Kickboxing Instructor, NSCA - Strength and Conditioning Coach, USA - Olympic Weight Lifting Coach, Kettle Bell - Level 2 Practioner

"Well, what can I tell ya. I have been in the industry for 17 years. The industry I am referring to is 'fitness'. I've been involved in athletics as early as the 5th grade when I was recruited to play on a local basketball team. I was clearly chosen because I was tall. I can still remember the impact of the coaching and teaching. I remember it like it was yesterday. I am mentioning this brief blurb about my life because of the impact of knowledge. I put my credits before my verbiage because this is what I have accomplished as a purveyor of movement. I get a kick, a rush and that feeling of euphoria when I am able to have an impact on a client or student. This desire, this love for mechanics, has spilled into other aspects of fitness throughout my plight to be the best trainer I can be. One particular subject that I haven't conquered, or even tried to truly understand, is nutrition. When you are studying to become a personal trainer they do touch on the subject but they often only dedicate a chapter to it. Duly noted; but if you ask me, it's just not enough. There are many scenarios presented to the "trainer." Most of the time it's, 'I want to lose weight to look good for the summer,' 'I want to fit into my wedding dress,' 'I am sitting down too much at my new job and have gained 20 lbs.' What you don't hear is what most people won't tell you: "I'm depressed," "I'm unhappy," "I'm not motivated to eat right," "I don't know what the right stuff to eat is." I can go on and on.

I took it upon myself to dedicate about 25% of my continuing education to nutrition and to the world that surrounds it. This was a ploy to have a better understanding of my roster. In the future, I may dedicate more, but I felt this was a good way to start.

When Jodi Rubin approached me about her new course, Destructively Fit®, it was perfect. Not only did it mention basic nutrition but it covered the subjects that people (fitness professionals) just don't talk about. I felt it was the perfect opportunity to become empowered with information. I went into Destructively Fit® with an open mind and ran away with bullet points of information that I consider to be priceless. She answered some serious dark questions and I became more aware of the population of people standing in front of me on a daily basis. It allowed me to ask the right questions at the right time. It enabled me to work with other fitness professionals, nutritionists and THERAPISTS. With this course I became empowered again. The same way I feel when I take a course on the Olympic lift or the kettle bell swing. I look forward to maintaining a professional relationship with Jodi. She clearly has tools to help our industry approach and address eating disorders."

Luis Cornier (credentials above) www.vervefitnessnyc.com

"Jodi's workshop really shed light on a problematic fitness issue that is an often overlooked and challenging topic. The workshop was VERY informative and useful. She answered our questions thoughtfully and intelligently. It seems to me that after discussing eating disorders with Jodi, she must also be a very good therapist. Not only did I learn a lot in the workshop, BUT I also learned how to approach clients who have disordered eating/exercise habits, which is often a challenging and scary thing to do. This was my goal in coming to the workshop. Thank you SO much Jodi!!!"

Kati Rae Cowardin, MFA in Acting, The New School for Drama. Spinning Certification, AFAA Group Fitness Certification, 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification www.katiraecowardin.com

"I am a personal trainer who recently attended Destructively Fit®: demystifying eating disorders for fitness professionals® presented by Jodi Rubin. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who would like to learn more on the topic of eating disorders pertaining to the fitness industry. This class is particularly interesting as a fitness instructor because it really teaches you to recognize which of your clients or club members may be affected. Learning how to spot the different signs and behaviors they display is also well covered. As a professional in the fitness industry, it is so important to know how to approach this matter because of its sensitive nature. This class teaches you how to do so. There really isn't a lot of information on the topic of eating disorders and how it relates to the workout industry. The class covered a lot of material and was highly informative. The three hours went by so quickly for me since I found it so relevant and helpful to my profession. I really wish there were more lectures on this topic and would recommend for people to take advantage of this class as it is one of a kind in its subject matter as well as the way it is presented."

Aggy Virvescu, NASM, ACE certified PT, CLUB7 by CLAY

"A great NEW approach to fitness on a topic that no one wants to really discuss, but NEEDS too. I highly recommend all fitness professionals take this course, at least once."

Jamie Norcini





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